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Maximum Discounts

The Maximum Discount amount displayed shows how much the product could be if you qualify for the highest volume discount, and make use of our later ship date coupons! Please check the chart below to see how much you could be saving!


New Volume Discounts!

Should your subtotal qualify for the discount it will be automatically calculated for you at the bottom of the checkout page!

Subtotal Amount  Percentage Saved 
$5,000-10,000 3%
$10,001-20,000 4% 
$20,001-25,000  6% 
$25,001 +  8% 

Late Shipping Bonus!

If you place your order early and don’t need it until one of our later shipping dates, check out the table below and COPY THE COUPON CODE INTO THE  DISCOUNT CODES FIELD AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE BEFORE CHECKING OUT  to increase your  savings!

Coupons are only valid between the dates listed below.

Order By  Production Timeline Shipping Dates  Coupon Codes 
October 10th Christmas Show Nov 14th-21st  
October 21st Teamwear Order Nov 25th-Dec 2nd  
October 28th Early Comp Order Dec 9th-16th Ship Mar 6% , Ship May 10% , Ship June 10%
November 18th 10-12 Weeks Jan 27th Feb 10th Ship Mar 4% , Ship April 8% , Ship May 10% , Ship June 10%
December 9th 10-12 Weeks Mar 3rd-10th Ship Apr 6% , Ship May 8% , Ship June 10%
January 6th 10-12 Weeks Mar 17th-24th  Ship Apr 4% , Ship May 6% , Ship June 8%
February 3rd       10-12 Weeks             Apr 17th -28th Ship June 4%                                                                                 
February 17th 10-12 Weeks May 1st- May 12th  Ship June 2%                                                    
March 20th 10-12 Weeks May 29th - June 9th